FIRESTICK Ent. presents

Washington, DC July 6th - 2pm to Sunset

You've been tamed for too long. : It's time to unleash! : Untamed, Untethered, Uninhibited

About Zu

You've been tamed for too long. Zu is where passionate souls come together for the love of music, and life...where individuality and cultural expression come to life.

At Zu, you will be inspired to unleash your spirit animal. Imagine a musical journey that provokes emotions and compels you to be who you want to be — untamed, untethered, and uninhibited.

Zu Experience

Take the day to embody your most exotic form of expression as an animal that you admire. Do you strut around like a peacock flashing your feathers to attract attention? Move seductively like a Cobra; or dominant like a Lion?

This new interactive concept is set to propel you into an unexplored dimension through the power of music, dance and connection as ONE people — ONE ‘Animal Kingdom’. So come dressed in your animal print in a place where you can lose yourself — creating memories you will never forget. Ultimately, Zu is a place where people can connect and be free.

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